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Selectonemenu not updating backing bean

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For more information about the DAO pattern, check this article: DAO tutorial - the data layer.Hi, I have been working on this problem for hours and cannot find an answer in this forum or any other google search. If you're having an issue with a dependent select One Menu, it's probably got to do with the fact that the only allowable options for the selected value are those that are in its select Items list. Thanks Tim, I made the change you suggested and unfortunately the behaviour has not changed (but I appreciate the code review) I didn't quite understand your second comment though, can you elaborate? I've now written a little test page linked to a test bean to get to the root cause of this mess. State Utils] Processing state : r O0ABXVy ABNb TGphdm Eub GFu Zy5PYmpl Y3Q7k M5Ynx Bz KWw CAAB4c AAAAAN0AAVfa WQx NXB0ABkvcm Vwb3J0cy90ZXN0Um Vwb3J0Lnhod G1s INFO [beans.backing.Basically, it consists out of a one Select Menu and a command button to start the whole process. Test Bean Backing] set Selected Max Rows:null INFO [beans.backing.I have a form that contains 2 dropdowns populated from database tables, when an option is selected in the first one (system) it successfully triggers the rendering and populating of the second (facility). But..the user selects from the second dropdown, the bean's property (ie selected Fac) is always null. Perhaps you could post some example code if you have it for 2 drop downs with one dependant on the other could help? I need the 2 values, system and facility, to then find the person in the database. No richfaces etc Here's the JSF: I know the code is OK for the second dropdown because when I remove the first one (and add some hardcoding in the bean for the "system" value) the property is set fine and I can see the option selected on the HTML source. I'm at a loss I'm not sure how binding the component to the backing bean will help me, the problem I have is the item in the menu is not being selected ie the "selected" attribute of the option element in the second select element is not set: This is the first select element with the selected item rendered: A value appears as selected in html only when page is rendered.

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Accepted answer could not help me, however, another similar questions' answer which I copied here, help me about my problems.Then you can access your managed bean variable directly: @Kukeltje you are right, however there are some additional attiributes above example which I share: event, execute and render.By these attributes you can change the behaviour of f:ajax.Take note that the database is simulated by a static backing map, this doesn't need to occur in real life.It should actually be mapped to a database or maybe even configuration files or so.But once you select an item, since the page is re-rendered due to valuechangelistener, html code would appear as selected.