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Four years ago, the state inmate population was half what it was in September.

And DOCR projects the inmate population to nearly double again in the next 10 years, to around 3,000 inmates by 2025.

North Dakota Ward County Criminal Background Check Description: A Ward County North Dakota Criminal Check covers the District courts for Felony and Misdemeanor cases. The county criminal background check covers the past 7 years and will return convictions or deferred judgments.

Some county criminal background checks may take longer due to court procedures or if additional records need to be ordered.

An additional 6,167 men and women were on parole or probation.Counties with longer turnaround times than the average: Towner. Fraud Personal Identification - Avoid Prosecution (M) Criminal Background is committed to using the best available methods of retrieving criminal records data in every region of the country.Includes a free national 50 state sex offender search and a free most wanted search. Since these records are stored and accessed differently (depending on the location being searched), the pricing and depth of information available from the courts varies by state and county.In our Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness training seminars your employees will learn what constitutes violations of your company's standards and policies and the EEOC laws that govern sexual harassment.Our interactive training seminars will assure you that all of your employees know and understand the simple standards concerning violations of sexual harassment in the workplace.Bismarck is often referred to as Bismarck-Mandan, as the city of Mandan is just 6 mi (10 km) across the Missouri River from Bismarck.