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There's not one data set that fully provides a picture of the prevalence and pervasiveness of sexual and domestic violence in Massachusetts.

Some data is available through reporting about service delivery..that doesn't quantify all the survivors who have not had contact with a local program.

Sexual assault, rape and other forms of sexual discrimination and harassment are crimes of violence and control.

Below are short summaries of how these crimes are defined under Massachusetts law and/or used in this policy.

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So as alarming as these number are we know that the magnitude of the problem is even greater.

However, on December 11, 2015, in the case of John Doe No. SORB (SJC-11823), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, concluded that SORB must now prove a sex offender’s classification level by the higher legal standard of “clear and convincing evidence.” What does this Supreme Judicial Court decision mean for my community?

This website is provided for informational purposes concerning the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry.

This is accomplished through registering and classifying convicted sex offenders by risk of reoffense and degree of danger and disseminating the identifying information of those offenders who live, work and/or attend institutions of higher learning in the communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For over seventeen years, SORB had the burden to prove a sex offender’s classification level by a preponderance of the evidence.