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The term was little-used in other areas until the late 1950s to early 1960s, with the recognition that this assemblage provided an analog for oceanic crust and the process of seafloor spreading.

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A smart concept that’s not executed upon nearly enough, I was excited to see what their wares were all about.Seriously, is the search for a good white t-shirt not the holy grail of shopping for both guys and girls?Each month, the company releases a new, well-edited collection of “luxury essentials,” like t-shirts, totes, and bow ties.I’m currently trying to decide on my first purchase – one of the aforementioned tees (v-neck for me, but crew neck for guys is always a safe bet in case you’re worried about how deep the V dips), or a tote bag to give my big computer bag a breather.But at these prices – the tee is and the bag is , I’ll probably just get both.Like any limited edition run, a lot of items sell out quickly to their already die-hard fans.