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Thing is, hes got a MAC, and he can't get a virus, i don't have a MAC. To avoid this, don't install any app that COMES TO YOU ASKING TO BE INSTALLED. Second point: Site security can change from day to day-- really from hour to hour.

I'd like to visit the site, but i'd like to know if its virus free and safe to use. Ok, seriously, no one has yet made a virus that can penetrate the security of the basic OS X files, but they have made a couple of Trojan horse apps that can enter one of two ways: 1) via Java in any browser. Many Russian hackers add their malware to sites that they have no legal connection with.

First point: It is possible for a Mac to get a virus. Java is made by Oracle, and has been bumped down to an optional install, no longer pre-installed on new Macs. To try to avoid these sites, use some type of site reporting option, such as Google's "Block reported attack sites" in Firefox, see link below.

Dr Lawrence Wong Chi Wing, the managing partner of GCE-Consulting Ltd, is invited as the professional trainer in MTR's team building activities which is held on Dec 11, 2015. Wong conducts a workshop about "Problem Solving and Structured Communication". Lawrence Wong Chi Wing, the managing partner of GCE-Consulting Ltd, to be the professional trainer in their team building activities on Dec. The Hong Kong Productivity Council will organize Productivity Training Institute on December 11, 2015. Toa Charm will act as a trainer to provide courses with the topic of "Big Data: The New Normal for Competition".

Even if you "clear" a URL through some security service's site, you are not likely to do that for each day you visit it, so use an active checker built in to your browser.

Third point: Video chat sites use permissions from you to allow them to control your camera and mic through Adobe Flash.

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