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Speed dating for kids

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Don’t ever tell fourth or fifth graders that they will be speed dating during class.

They would giggle nervously and then complain that they don’t want to do that.

Like many ethnographic studies – theirs uncovered many needs.

Their main finding was that managing kids activities is stressful for dual-income families.

Scott and his team were interested in how ubiquitous technologies in the home could help activity management for these families.

He explained that they came up with countless concepts. He continued that the common approach might be: Why not build it and see?

They don’t realize that this is truly in-depth character analysis.

The assignment went something like this: choose a favorite character and dress up as that character.

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Here’s our hard and fast guide – where to find partners, what to do when you start dating and signs to look out for!

As a single parent, it’s important to make wise choices, and fast, especially regarding the individuals you bring into contact with your children.

Scott Davidoff of CMU gave an interesting presentation today at Ubicomp on a design method for rapidly exploring application design – Speed Dating.

He and his colleagues had conducted ethnographic studies on families and their children.