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It has happened on two games now: Total War Rome II and Call of Duty Ghosts.

Both games crash frequently and both games find files that fail to validate, but they NEVER have all files successfully validate and I've been unable to get either to run without crashing after 10-30 minutes.

I have 4 other games installed on Steam and all of them are able to successfully validate all files.

I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the offending game to no avail.

I recently posted this to the Steam Community, thinking that was a more appropriate place for it..they were useless (see for yourself), and I've always gotten better answers from Tom's users, so I'm hoping someone might have some insight into this.

Here's what it looks like: After finding only way too many unsatisfactorily answered questions identical to this, I came to the conclusion that Steam sucks and just decided to live with it.

However, why would it say that one file failed to validate again after clicking it again? Tried a bunch of methods, including those mentioned above.

I got the same message in the subject line twice and it didn't seem to download anything, unless it already did that during the verification process. I tried doing it 2 times in a row, then once and restarted Steam and then again, and then three times in a row, and then a few more times. And yes, I can't validate that 1 file, keeps redownloading and then not working.

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