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Usually, popular singers use an alias, so if you look for their real name, you might find their profile.

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Existing sex education programmes have failed in involving people with intellectual disabilities in the development of these programmes.

Not involving the target population decreases the likelihood that the sex education programme will be effective.

This study was conducted to assess the perspectives of people with intellectual disabilities on several sexuality-related topics.

Semi-structured interviews were held with 20 people with intellectual disabilities covering topics such as: sex education, relationships, sex, social media, parenthood and support.

These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency.

If you have information about these or other national security challenges, please provide it through our secure online form.

Zhu Houzhao was created crown prince at a very early age and because his father did not take up any other concubines, Zhu did not have to contend with other princes for the throne.

(His younger brother died in infancy.) The prince was thoroughly educated in Confucian literature and he excelled in his studies.

The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks.The Air Force, including Ace, is against the marriage.Ace and Joe have an argument during which Ace uses a racial slur to describe Katsumi.Additionally, knowledge on safe sex does not always translate to safe sex behaviour.Finally, relationships are important for most participants; mainly because they don’t want to be alone.However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us.