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“If you’re having marital problems you should barely notice when he is in the room.” (I like that she admits giving this issue serious thought while sitting in her car outside her dad’s house hoping the object of her affection would walk outside.) It also helps if the crush is not a secret. “The higher your marital satisfaction, the more you can blush and giggle when you see the object of your affection,” she says.Now: Di Caprio has gone on to become an A-list star and one of the greatest actors of our generation.In addition to his critically-acclaimed turns in ‘Inception,’ ‘J.Their posters decorated your walls, their names filled your notebooks and their faces invaded your dreams.From Leonardo Di Caprio to JTT and everyone in between, we’re looking back at our favorite ’90s heartthrobs then and now.

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Because we were friends and had class together, he knew my handwriting, so I paid this junior girl on my bus five dollars to write out the card from a 'secret admirer.' I did this every year we were in high school! "I joined the Bible study club because my crush was in it — and I was openly an atheist.Our friend told him what I was doing, so he definitely knew. But nonetheless, I woke up early every Tuesday morning to eat bagels and talk about god, and act like I was "curious" about "philosophy of religion," when it was actually just an extra hour I got to spend trying to make eye contact with him." — Clara, Washington, D. "Freshman year of college, the guy I had a crush on lived across the hall from our dorm's trash room.I used to take out the trash when it was only somewhat full if I thought he might be in the hallway coming back from class. She admits she has a crush on her father’s young, successful, athletic neighbor. He also admits to crushes on Diane Lane, Anne Hathaway, Laura Linney and Julianne Moore. At least that’s what the experts say, though truth be told, I didn’t need to ask them because when I talked to my girlfriends they all said the same thing. Paula Holt who blogs at Marital Musings thinks it’s best to not know your crush well or have regular contact with said fascination (think the UPS delivery man, not the guy who sits in the next cubicle).A popular dating and personal ads site, Match is easy and fun to use and the site doesn't pester you with popup ad clutter, unlike many similar sites.