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In the centuries that followed, the Vikings’ vessels carried them deep into Russia and as far south as Constantinople, Sicily, and possibly even North Africa.They organized flotillas capable of carrying warriors across vast distances, and terrorized the English, Irish, and French coasts with lightning-fast raids.They came to be known as an unstoppable force capable of raiding and trading on four continents, yet our understanding of what led up to that June day on Lindisfarne is surprisingly shaky.

According to this method, the upper deposits are younger and the lower deposits are older.Two ships filled with slain warriors uncovered on the Estonian island of Saaremaa may help archaeologists and historians understand how the Vikings’ warships evolved from short-range, rowed craft to sailing ships; where the first warriors came from; and how their battle tactics developed.“We all agree these burials are Scandinavian in origin,” says Marge Konsa, an archaeologist at the University of Tartu.Note that we do not condone any illegal activity, and we prohibit use of this platform for such illegal activity.If you are a sugar baby that has grown tired of fakers and posers, simply set up a date with a guaranteed payout, and this will allow you to determine whether your sugar daddy is the real deal!Let's face it, many men and women are willing to pay for instant dates, but until now, there wasn't a platform that could provide this service.