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Data set II exclusively supported Theria, with the highest possible values and significantly rejected Marsupionta.

Independent phylogenetic evidence in support of Theria was obtained from two single amino acid deletions and one insertion, while no supporting insertions and deletions were found for Marsupionta.

We are a community of people, joined by our common experience of Therianthropy.

Information from this site can't be used without permission.Morphological data supports monotremes as the sister group of Theria (extant marsupials eutherians), but phylogenetic analyses of 12 mitochondrial protein-coding genes have strongly supported the grouping of monotremes with marsupials: the Marsupionta hypothesis.Various nuclear genes tend to support Theria, but a comprehensive study of long concatenated sequences and broad taxon sampling is lacking.There are many theories held in the community as to the origins of a nonhuman identity as well as how it happens, each individual holding their own beliefs.As of now, there is no solid answer, nor right or wrong; we can only provide what is widely accepted by the community.We do not claim anything here as fact, only generally accepted knowledge and speculation in the community.