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I WILL NOT REPLY TO ANY MESSAGES UNLESS FROM SCOTLAND!!! I'm a kinda quirky, fun loving person who enjoys meeting people as everyone has their tale to tell.
Medina co-wrote three of the seven tracks, including “Astro Disco,” for which they are best known.

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Voluntarily striking off or closing a company in Spain, for whatever reason, can be daunting if you are unaware of the potential steps or pitfalls involved.Without specialist knowledge you may fall at the first hurdle and it is better to close or wind up the company in Spain cleanly without leaving a trail of civil and/or possibly criminal liabilities behind you.

( Filing fee $ 400 receipt number 0864-4258662.) Filed by Res Cap Liquidating Trust, as successor in interest to GMAC Mortgage, LLC, f/k/a GMAC Mortgage Corporation. The liquidity trap is the situation in which prevailing interest rates are low and savings rates are high, making monetary policy ineffective.In a liquidity trap, consumers choose to avoid bonds and keep their funds in savings, because of the prevailing belief that interest rates will soon rise.One marker of a liquidity trap is particularly low interest rates.These low interest rates can affect bondholder behavior, along with other concerns regarding the current financial state of the nation, resulting in the selling of bonds in a way that is harmful to the economy.Investments include bonds with maturity dates of greater than one year, stocks and options.