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They placed 16th at the 1994 World Championships in Chiba, Japan, but ended their partnership that August. She placed 5th at the 1995 Canadian Championships, but struggled with injuries which caused her to withdraw from the 1997 Championships.
Heterosexual men are more likely to play the field, and heterosexual women must compete for men’s attention.

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Remember to breathe and always start your yoga practice with a brief meditation., "knowledge") are a large body of knowledge texts originating in the ancient Indian subcontinent.Sets of quotations and quotes that seem to recognise a pronounced emphasis on such aspects of Spirituality and Mysticism as a Disdain for Materialism, a Distrust of the Intellect, a Preference for Divine Inspiration, Charity, Purity of Heart, Humility and Meekness from each of these major World Religions ( Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Sikh, Taoist and Vedic or Hindu ) can be accessed through our series of "Central" Spiritual Insights pages.Please be prepared for some "soul-force" that might be held to reside within many of these quotations!!!Another series of Holy writings, the Upanishads, a name which suggests "sitting at the feet of the Teacher" are often more philosophically and mystically sophisticated than the Vedas.The earliest of the Upanishads date from some three thousand years ago.The chronology and authorship of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, along with Chandogya and Kaushitaki Upanishads, is further complicated because they are compiled anthologies of literature that must have existed as independent texts before they became part of these Upanishads.The exact year, and even the century of the Upanishad composition is unknown.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is a treatise on Ātman (Soul, Self), includes passages on metaphysics, ethics and a yearning for knowledge that influenced various Indian religions, ancient and medieval scholars, and attracted secondary works such as those by Madhvacharya and Adi Shankara.Which is as poison in the beginning, but is like nectar in the end; that is declared to be "good" pleasure, born from the serenity of one's own mind.That which is like nectar in the beginning from the connection of the sense-object with the senses, but is as poison in the end, is held to be of "passion".The term Vedanta refers to teachings based primarily upon the Upanishads.The Bhagavad Gita - the Song of God - is a celebrated and more recent addition to Hindu Spirituality dating from the second century A. This Vedic - Hindu Spirituality & Mysticism quotations page is one of a series of seven pages on our site that consider the extensive! agreement about important aspects of spirituality and spiritual mysticism between several major World Religions.The ancient Persians, Greek and Romans were eager to learn from its sages and philosophers.