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Updating indexes myeclipse

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I believe there is solution in following link:‌​update-index-for-cen‌​tralhttp-repo1-maven‌​-org-maven2 [1]:…eclipse artifacts search depends on repository's index file, it seems, you did not download index file.m2eclipse maintains an index of artifacts generated by your Eclipse workspace.This "workspace" repository is shown in Figure 6.10, “Browsing the m2eclipse Workspace Repository” under the Local Repository folder. Every time I open my eclipse it takes forever to update the Maven repo indexes.

You can also get this if you are using Maven proxy (Nexus, for example) and the index into the proxy is messed up somehow. Fool around with it or call the one who set up the Maven proxy.You can also get this if the new workspace hasn't yet downloaded the index either from Maven central or from the proxy.(This is the best one as you just have to wait a while and it will work itself out.) actually I have the two workspaces open (in two different eclipses), in one of them it works and not the other, so it can't be a proxy or internet connection problem. I think you might be right about the downloaded index, but I don't know how to download it (i've been having this problem since yesterday so it's useless to wait)BTW - is a file found in the .m2 folder in your user folder. I have tried that with no luck, but Reindex would only reindex my local maven repository (libs I already have) ?If you expand the central repository, you will be able to browse the contents of the repository and double click on specific artifacts.Double-clicking on one of the artifacts shown in Figure 6.9, “Browsing a Global Repository” will load that artifact's POM in the Form-based POM Editor. I am using an external Maven 3.0.3 installation and m2eclipse configured with Eclipse Indigo and I am definitely not behind any proxy.