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Updating mac os x 10 3 9 hostfile

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It's dealt with by OSX requiring a password before you can edit the hosts file, and also presumably by Apple's app vetting [email protected]: Microsoft Windows allows this now, and it causes 0 problems. And there are legitimate reasons for wanting to modify a hosts file (all related to getting to stuff without a DNS server or else dealing with VPN issues).

The previous answer is correct, but if the effect you are looking for is to redirect HTTP traffic for a domain to another IP there is a way.

For example, if you are in the process of migrating your website to Linode, you might want to make sure everything looks good on the Linode side before you redirect your viewers from your old host.

This can also be useful when you’re creating a brand new website, or want to test your name-based virtual hosting configuration or another DNS-related feature.

If it's not possible, how do I work around this problem?So far, if you are developing an App, you MUST have a valid SSL certificate recognized by Apple, otherwise you will get an error message on you i Device. See here a list: Additionally, if you are here, it means that you are trying to make you i Device resolve a name (to your https server), on a test or development environment.Instead of using squid, which is a great application, you could simply run a very basic DNS server like dnsmasq.A while back I posted about configuring virtual hosts in MAMP.More recently I noticed that MAMP hadn’t been updated in nearly a year and their support forum resembled a wilderness.The process of setting up Virtual Hosts is done easier in the Terminal either using nano or vi with sudo or as a root user, or you can you a GUI visual editor like Text Wrangler which allows access to the /private/etc directory by clicking ‘Show Everything” in the open dialog box.