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Since Phusion Passenger consists of some external executables plus an Nginx module, you must recompile Nginx when first installing Phusion Passenger, but also when upgrading Nginx itself or when upgrading the Phusion Passenger version.Recompiling Nginx and the Phusion Passenger executables is what we will do in this step.If you don't see any updates, then maybe our RPM packages haven't been released yet.When we release a new version of Passenger, it typically takes 2-3 hours for our server to build RPM packages.You should run the following command regularly to keep them up to date: Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on Passenger application monitoring and analytics.Easily find performance bottlenecks and errors in your application with an attractive and easy to use interface.

In order to ensure that your site will be up and visible, you need to set up your DNS records to point your domain name towards your new server.

You may want to choose the 32-bit Ubuntu image because of smaller memory consumption (64-bit programs use about 50% more memory then their 32-bit counterparts).

However, if you need a bigger machine, or there is a chance that you will upgrade to more than 4 GB of RAM, you should consider the 64-bit version. At the time of this writing, Ubuntu 14.10 does not have a Passanger APT repository yet.

Do you want this installer to download, compile and install Nginx for you? Nginx is a different from other web servers in that it does not support loadable modules.

The only way to extend Nginx is to recompile it entirely from source.