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In this tutorial, you learn how to use the Data Annotation validators to perform validation in an ASP. The advantage of using the Data Annotation validators is that they enable you to perform validation simply by adding one or more attributes – such as the Required or String Length attribute – to a class property. Listing 1: Models\The Product class illustrates how to use one additional attribute: the Display Name attribute.

Before you can use the Data Annotation validators, you must download the Data Annotations Model Binder. Next click the Browse tab and browse to the location where you downloaded (and unzipped) the Data Annotations Model Binder sample (see Figure 1). The Display Name attribute enables you to modify the name of the property when the property is displayed in an error message.

You can download the Data Annotations Model Binder Sample from the Code Plex website by clicking here. Figure 1: Adding a reference to the Data Annotations Model Binder (Click to view full-size image) Select both the Microsoft. Instead of displaying the error message "The Unit Price field is required" you can display the error message "The Price field is required".

At any cost server validation will work always whether client validation is executed or not. The attributes that are necessary to this control are: Maximum Value, Minimum Value, and Type.Collectively, individual rules define all parameter restrictions that apply to requests matching the specified URL and host name combination. " Enable to apply this input rule only to HTTP requests for specific web hosts. Disable to match the input rule based upon the other criteria, such as the URL, but regardless of the appliance detects that the client has violated the rule. This option is only available when Argument Type is Regular Expression. "To apply the parameter validation policy, select it in an inline or offline protection profile (see Configuring a protection profile for inline topologies or Configuring a protection profile for an out-of-band topology or asynchronous mode of operation). To access this part of the web UI, your administrator’s account access profile must have Read and Write permission to items in the Server Policy Configuration category. If an HTTP/HTTPS request contains repeated parameters, Before you configure an input rule, if you want to apply it only to HTTP requests for a specific real or virtual host, you must first define the web host in a protected host names group (see Defining your protected/allowed HTTP “Host:” header names). To access this part of the web UI, your administrator’s account access profile must have Read and Write permission to items in the Web Protection Configuration category. This setting is available only if Action is set to Period Block. To create and test a regular expression, click the Parameter Validation Policy. "rule drop-down list, select the name of an existing input validation rule. Instead, checking the validity of data entered usually means testing if the data fits a specific pattern.Regular expressions are designed to find patterns in strings.The main advantage is that it prevents a page from being postback to the server until the client validation is executed successfully. Server validation will only performed when Cause Validation is set to true. You can have a Required Field Validator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule.