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Visual basic validating fields

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Text = "" END IF 0) Dim user BMI As BMI user BMI.gender = Text Box1. Validation is an easy way of requiring input in a specific text box without much hassle. We also discuss the Validate event and Causes Validation property (new to VB6) that you can employ in this type of validation.The second sub-objective for this chapter, enabling or disabling controls based on input in fields, typically involves a more global type of crossvalidation between data entered in two or more controls.In this example I will show how to validate the data entered into a datarepeater control. For this example I am added the northwind SQL compact edition database to the project and created a typed dataset for the products table.

The example below uses the Column Changing event because the unacceptable value is disallowed for the "Product" column in particular.

Basically, the program is a BMI calculator and i'm trying to validate user input for "gender", "height" and "weight" when the user selects the "calculate" button. Text calculated BMI = (user BMI.weight / user BMI.height) / user BMI.height calculated Bmi Lbl. To String("n1") End Sub The reason I need to validate these inputs is because for example, if the user inputs a string or nothing at all for the "height" input, the calculation will not work and therefore the program will break.

Below is the the code I have so far: Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Button1. Click Dim user BMI As BMI user BMI.gender = Text Box1. I have thought about using some form of Boolean variable with a loop to fix this however, I am not very knowledgeable on how to do this.

This is done in the dataset by writing an event handler for the Data Table.

You might use the Row Changing event for checking that the value of an "End Date" column is later than the "Start Date" column in the same row.