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Most of all, you will find enjoyment and delight upon reading it. E' raro vedere Chris triste durante un live ma quel giorno appariva così nonostante fosse il giorno dopo il compleanno del suo migliore amico e chitarrista Jonny Buckland.At Lollapalooza 2011, Guy Berryman kisses Matt Bellamy out of the blue in a desperate attempt to get rid of a stalking Lindsay Lohan.After all, it's his fault that he put Matt into this mess with him.Matt, on the other hand, prefers to think that it’s Lindsay Lohan’s fault for putting them in a situation that they’re making the best out of.I’ve always been drawn to design in general and have been interested in “things” for as long as I can remember… What we call antiques now are just design exercises from different time periods. What was the first antique item you bought for your home? A source tells the newspaper, "They're really loved-up and are already ­planning to get married in a secret London location.

Berryman was born in Scotland and, as he grew up, he ended up going to the University College London, where he met his future band-mates.As I live in a Cotswold-stone country house my choice of style tends to be antique painted furniture – albeit a mixture of British, French and Scandinavian. Like most people, I think I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I hope I never get bored of discovering and learning about human creations. I have thousands of records and have spent thirty years obsessing about music. I spend a lot of time working on my laptop so I find myself at my refectory style kitchen table which is positioned as close as possible to my coffee machine. ‘You need to stop drinking as you’re a pain in the arse when you are drunk.’ They were right and I did. When and how did you become interested in antiques? Who does Coldplay frontman Chris Martin think could raise the most money for charity? While he may not end up at the center of this fund-raising endeavor, the 34-year-old Berryman led Coldplay's artwork auction last week with other band members. “A date with our bass player would be worth a million or more, specifically a night with our bass player," Martin was quoted as saying by the U. Huff Post Entertainment followed up with Coldplay's representation and is awaiting confirmation about the auction.2007 - 2007Helena and Guy started dating when they were both newly single.