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For when my attraction for another begins to transform into a lifestyle of learning to love fearlessly. Or days when you just want to write your number on business cards and stick them onto the cars parked on your college campus. You will never speak of the cursed “S” word that Beyonce so blatantly sings about.

For when my heart is not governed by lust but by love. You will roll your eyes at your peers’ PDA with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

When our life is out of alignment with our values we can feel dissatisfied, resentful and unhappy.

I’d suggest you get really honest with yourself before you begin. Do you want to meet someone to spend your life with or someone to have a couple of dates with?

The sexual ego can be a big kid that goes ‘na na na na na na, I’m not listening to you and by the way FYI no-one else has complained!

’ This book shows you how to use your intuition to find the right partner or playmate.

I quickly realised that while in real life these men were scoring high in humour, intelligence and kindness, their profiles weren’t reflecting this.

Before founding Matchstick, I matched with hundreds of men on Tinder and chose 30 of them to go out with.

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You will rant, you will scream, you will cry, you will feel miserable. But at the end of the day, though, I have come to realize that this is a small, small cost.

For the record guys, you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt in order to win in online dating, but you do need to know what to post and why.

Hey everybody, I originally posted this in the Leisure section, but after seeing this board I think it probably belongs here. I'm a 21 year old, visually impaired woman, and I recently graduated from college. But I was reading some of the post on here and I must say I was touched.

When I think of dating with marriage in mind, I think of the Christ and the Cross.

The beauty of marriage is that it symbolizes the love Christ has for the Church, a love that is unconditional.